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Season 2016 - 2017

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Here are the details for all Division 1 teams, including changes from last year and booklet amendments.

ALL STARS: Play at Malmesbury Football Club on Wednesdays. Captain: Adrian Fisher. 07894 857858

ALLSORTS: Play at the Three Cups, Malmesbury on Tuesdays. Captian: Linda Dolman. 01666 823552

BARGEES: Play at the Volunteer, Great Somerford on Tuesdays. Captain: Rose Gregory. 01249 890528

BOWLS CLUB A: Play at Malmesbury Bowls Club on Thursdays. Captain: Paul Wickham. 01666 823405

FLYING MONKS: Play at Malmesbury Football Club on Fridays. Captain: Roger Rice. 07776 483973

FRUIT N NUTS: Play at the Old Royal Ship, Luckington on Wednesdays. Captain: Elliott Curtis. 01666 824907

RIFLE CLUB: Play at the Wellesley Arms, Sutton Benger on Tuesdays. Captain: Alan Payne. 01666 822916

ROSEHIPS: Play at the Red Bull, Malmesbury on Fridays. Captain: Eunice Raymont. 01666 824476

SITTERS: Play at the Rose & Crown, Lea on Tuesdays. Captain: Derek Cole. 01666 825015

SPARE PARTS: Play at the Rose and Crown, Malmesbury on Tuesdays. Captain: Sue Webb. 01666 824620

WANDERERS: Play at the Volunteer, Great Somerford on Tuesdays. Captain: Tom Watling. 07799 890732

YO-YOS: Play at Kington St. Michael Club on Tuesdays. Captain: Sam Taylor. 01249 658075


BARGEES now play at the Volunteer alley on Tuesday evenings. (Previously Rose & Crown, Lea on Wednesdays)

FLYING MONKS play at Malmesbury Football Club on Fridays (New team).