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Season 2016 - 2017

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The following text covers all official rules in the Malmesbury and District Skittles League.

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 1. Each registered player to pay £4.00 fee, including cost of fixture book.

2. A team shall consist of 9 players. League and cup games to be played by sets of three players.

3. Method of scoring for League games: four points for a win, two for a draw, plus two points for each of the three legs won. Cup games played on a normal win, lose or draw basis.

4. Transfer of players permitted only up to December 31st, in any season.

5. Games to be started not later than 8.30pm. Any team failing to start on time will forfeit the game and all ten points.

6. Before the start of each game, the Home Captain may appoint a Linesman. All players however, should pitch each ball before the white line and stand within the confines of the alley when playing. 

7. Any pins knocked down by a ball hitting the side of the alley will stay down and count, however if the ball hits the side of the alley first and knocks down pins, they will stay down and not count.

8. Pins must be 10 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter at the centre of the pin. Balls must be 5 inches in diameter.

9. All alleys shall be 27 feet from the Front Pin to the white line.

10. The diamond on all alleys to be standard size i.e. 4 feet between front and back pins, and 4 feet between outside right and outside left.

11. All pins must be knocked down to count, and if they stand up again shall be removed.

12. All competitions shall be separate; and all matches to be played as per fixture and draw lists.

13. The committee shall consist of two members from each team plus the landlords of the various alleys in the league.

14. In the event of a game being postponed the Fixture Secretary must be notified immediately by the Captain responsible for the postponement.

15. The Captain of the home team shall make match results known to either the Fixture Secretary by 6.00pm on the Saturday following their matches. Failure to do this will incur a £3.00 fine.

16. Any team playing an ineligible player will forfeit ten points win or lose.

17. The decision of the committee shall in all cases be final.

18. Stick-up fees £1.00 per player.

19. Players must be registered before playing in a match and Captains to initial name on score card.

20. Games being postponed must be rearranged within fourteen days by the home Captain and the Fixture Secretary notified. Games must be played within two months of the original date. If no agreement is reached the committee will arrange the game on a date and alley. Failure to play this game will result in the postponer forfeiting the ten points. All games in the first half of the season must be completed before the second half begins.

21. A player arriving late for a game may take part in that game, but will forfeit all throws that he/she was not present to take.

22. Should teams finish level on points in either a promotion or relegation position, the issue will be decided by the team winning the most number of highest scoring away games.

23. All member Teams must re-register their membership before the EAGM. Failure to do so by the required date will result in a deduction of 30 points for the following season.

24. All games to be completed with 7 days of the end of the league season. Any games not played will not count in the final league table.

25. Teams to give 24 hours notice of cancellation of games. Failure to do so may result in points deduction. Subject to confirmation by full membership.