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Season 2016 - 2017

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10 June:

- The Annual General Meeting of the League will be held at the Red Bull on Monday, June 26. It would be appreciated if all teams were represented. You can download the agenda here - you can download the team registration form here.

14 May:

- The skittles season is now officially closed for the summer. This week’s results saw the Volunteer beat Wannabees in the Knock-Out Cup, and Badminton B beat Oaksey Throwers in the Nomination Cup.

- In the 50 Club, the website’s tracker puts Adam Smith of the Wannabees in top place with seven 50s and an aggregate of 359. In the Ladies 50 Club, Emily Pike of the Vintners came top with four 50s, and an aggregate of 205. This data is provisional, and official results will be confirmed by the week in due course.

- This is the last post until we return in August. I hope everyone enjoys the summer break. Jx

08 May:

- This is the final week of action before the League takes a break over summer. Thank you to everyone who has been using this website over the season. It only exists because you keep using it!

- This week’s games are: Nomination Final on Monday night, Ladies Cup Final on Tuesday, Pairs Cup Final on Wednesday, the Sticker-up Cup on Thursday and the Individual Cup on Friday.

01 May:

- There are three games taking place this week - the Captains Cup Final on Wednesday, the Pairs Cup First Round on Thursday and the Individual Cup First Round on Friday.

- The League’s EAGM is taking place this Tuesday at the Red Bull. It would be appreciated if all teams were represented.

- Congratulations to the Flashers who beat the Cabbage Patch in the Double Exit final. In the Senior Citizens Cup, Bernard Ogbourne of Brassmonkeys is this season’s winner. Sam Trinder of Malmesbury Vics is the winner of the Under 21 Cup.

23 Apr:

- Thank you to all teams for completing the final games - all results have been received before the end of season deadline. League tables have been finalised.

- This week’s games are for the Under 21 Final on Monday night, Senior Citizens Final on Tuesday, Ladies Cup First Round on Wednesday, the Double Exit Final on Thursday and the Knock-Out Final on Friday.

17 Apr:

- This is the final week to get any outstanding league games played. The deadline for receiving results is THIS FRIDAY. If results aren’t received, neither team will be given points. We are waiting on ten results.

- The semi-finals for the Nomination and Double Exit competitions take place this Friday, and the Knock-Out semi-final takes place on Wednesday. Also this week we have the first round of the Senior Citizens cup on Tuesday, and the first round of the Captains Cup on Thursday.

- There is NO under-21 first round game this year. Low entry numbers means we are holding this contest on one night only (Monday 24th)

9 Apr:

- Congratulations to Badminton B who are this year’s League champions! Oaksey Throwers take Division 1 Runners-Up place. In Division 4, Bonecrushers have won, with Angels in second place.

- The battle to be top of the 50 Club is heating up, with four players now on 6 50+ scores. They are currently being led by Steve Hull of Rock Bottom with an aggregate of 325.

- The alleys, times and dates for the individual, pairs, captains, ladies, under-21 and senior citizen competitions have now been released.

- The EAGM of the Skittles League is taking place on May 2nd at the Red Bull. The agenda is available here.

- You can now register your team for next season (2017-2018). Deadline for submissions is April 30 (Corrected).

3 Apr:

- There is a slight delay in the End of Season competitions being sent out to all captains. It is hoped this information will be sent out in the next few days.

- The preliminary round of the Under 21 Cup, scheduled for Monday April 17, has been cancelled. All entrants will go direct to the final night on April 24.

- There are just two weeks of League Games to go - several teams have already secured places in the top three of their Divisions (while other teams have secured a slot in the bottom three). Download the latest online League Table for more information.

26 Mar:

- With three weeks of league games left, a few teams have guaranteed themselves top three finishes - Sitters in Div 6 and Bonecrushers in Div 4 will finish in the top three (likely promotion spots). In Division 1, the Championship title is down to just two teams: Badminton B and Oaksey Throwers.

- The online League Tables PDF now shows which teams are guaranteed a top three or bottom three finish, and also shows Rule 22 calculations for teams who are tied on points.

- The online score submission is now back online following lots of tests and a redesign this week. Apologies again for any inconvenience the loss of this feature caused in the last couple of weeks.

19 Mar:

- Some results which were sent via the online form last week have not been received. Can the Captains of the Starlites, Rattlebone Hawks, Sure Losers, Brussel Sprouts, Breakaways and Sitters please contact the League as soon as possible to confirm last week’s results. Because of this, no late result fines are being implemented for last week. The submission form has been removed from this website while the cause of the fault is established.

- Things are hotting up in the race to be top of this year’s 50 Club. Two players - Kevin Chivers of Dipsticks and Adam Smith of Wannabees - have scored six 50+ results so far. There are five players currently on 5 50+ scores.

12 Mar:

- There is a league meeting taking place this Monday (13th) at the Red Bull. It would be appreciated if all teams are represented. The Semi-Final draws will take place - fixtures will be published online next week.

- A reminder that players / teams who want to take part in the individual / pairs competitions must register before / at the next league meeting on March 13th. You can download a registration form here.

- Thank you to those teams who used last week to catch up on some league games, we currently have 11 missing results (either late results or postponements). Games must be played within two months of the original date, and no later than April 21st.

6 Mar:

- It’s Quarter Final week - eight will be whittled down to four in the Knockout, Nomination and Double Exit cups. The semi finals will take place in mid-April on neutral alleys.

- A reminder that players / teams who want to take part in the individual / pairs competitions must register before / at the next league meeting on March 13th. You can download a registration form here.

- There are currently 16 outstanding league results. With only 12 scheduled games this week, it would be a good time to fit in these delayed fixtures.

26 Feb:

- Captains can now register players for the end of season cup competitions. The form is available here. Players can take part in the Individual Cup, Pairs Cup, Captains Cup, Ladies Cup, Senior Citizens Cup and Under 21 Cup. All registration forms must be returned before or at the next League Meeting on March 13. Remember that registration costs £1 per player.

- There is a League Meeting taking place at the Red Bull on March 13th. As usual it would be appreciated if all teams were represented. The agenda can be downloaded here. The semi-final draws for the Knockout, Nomination and Double Exit cups will be made on the night.

12 Feb:

- At last week’s League Meeting, the Quarter Final draws for the Knock-Out, Nomination and Double Exit competitions were made. Click on the links for more information.

Two other points of note from the meeting:

- The Peterborough Arms in Dauntsey is currently being renovated, and it is planned that the skittle alley will be refurbished and ready for use in time for next season. If any teams are interested in using this alley, they can contact the Wilts and Berks Canal Trust for more information.

- It was brought to the League’s attention of isolated instances where skittlers have been caught taking their own drinks into venues rather than paying for them at the bar. The League’s position is clear: A landlord is entitled to remove anyone from their establishment as they see fit. If this is because that person has taken their own drink, and this leads to a team losing players or points, the League will always take side with the landlord.

5 Feb:

- We are aware the online form submission now includes a secondary security layer. I am looking into why this is happening, and will disable this if possible. Providing you complete both ‘Captcha’ security questions, your results will be submitted to the League.

- There is a league meeting taking place on February 6th. The agenda is available from this page. As usual it would be appreciated if all teams could be represented.

29 Jan:

- This week’s games are from the third round of the Nomination and Knock-Out competitions, and the second round of the Double Exit Cup. With only 24 scheduled games this week, instead of the usual 36, there should be more space on our alleys to catch-up with any delayed league games, there are currently 10 delayed results.

- Congratulations to Adam Smith of the Wannabees who has taken his sixth 50+ score of the season - he’s the first player this season to score more than 4.

22 Jan:

- A reminder that cup matches for the Knockout, Nomination and Double Exit competitions are to be played week commencing January 30th. Fixtures are available here.

- There is a league meeting taking place on February 6th. The agenda is available from this page. As usual it would be appreciated if all teams could be represented.

15 Jan:

- In the second round Double Exit fixtures, there were a couple of errors on this site affecting away teams. The fixtures have now been corrected. Apologies for any confusion. If you are playing in the competition, please check the fixtures here. The Second Round of Double Exit is due to be played week commencing January 30th.

A league meeting is being held at the Red Bull on February 6th. As usual it would be appreciated if all teams were represented. You can download the agenda from the link. This meeting includes the draw for the Quarter-Final cup competitions.

08 Jan:

- Welcome back to all skittlers - we hope you’ve had a nice break and are ready for the second half.

- A special shout out this week goes to Jessica Chandler of the Jokers (Div 5) who scored 53 last week on the Rose & Crown, Malmesbury. Aged just 12, she’s the youngest member of this year’s 50 Club.

- Captains will shortly be receiving details about the next league meeting - scheduled for mid-February.

18 Dec:

- We’d like to wish all Malmesbury Skittles website users a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for using this site, and we’re glad you find it to be a useful resource.

- Just eight league games need to be played over the Christmas Break. Remember the deadline for these games is Friday the 30th.

12 Dec:

- Don’t forget your Christmas cards - this is the last week of skittles before the Christmas break :)

- There are currently 13 postponed league games - these must be played before Friday 30th December. Any missing results after this deadline will mean neither team score points.

- Division 3: Wellesley Bar Nine vs Outsiders. At last week’s meeting, it was agreed to award all ten points to Wellesley Bar Nine under Rule 20.

5 Dec:

- At Monday’s meeting the fixtures for the next rounds of the Knockout, Nomination and Double Exit were drawn. Click on the links for details.

- With the future of the Wellesley Arms skittles alley in doubt, concern was raised that the League will not have enough alley spaces available. To combat this, it was agreed that teams can hold their regular home nights on a Monday (to start next season). This will allow a maximum of ten games per alley per week instead of the current eight.

- It was also agreed that a new Division 1 Champions trophy will be bought for next season. The old one is to be donated to the Badminton B team in memory of Terry Witchard who passed away in September.

- Division 6 teams: There is an incorrect phone number in your fixture booklets for the Spare Parts. The number should read 824620. The number is listed correct online.

28 Nov:

- Remember there is a League Meeting next Monday (December 5th). As usual, it would be appreciated if all teams could be represented. The agenda is available here.

Thank you to those teams who have caught up with their postponed games. We currently have 14 outstanding league results; A few of these results are now more than two months old. Remember that Rule 20 allows the League to set a date and venue for any games which are not played within two months.

20 Nov:

- We’re now into the final run of league games until we break for the New Year. Remember that all first-half games must be played before December 30th

- Sorry to those of you who were having trouble submitting cup results online last week. Your results were being received, even if you didn’t see the ‘Confirmation’ screen. The problem has been located and fixed.

- This week has seen the first games for this season’s Double Exit competition, and also the second round of Nomination. The next round of all three cup competitions (including Knockout) is week commencing 30th January.

13 Nov:

- There is a league meeting taking place on December 5th at the Red Bull. The agenda is available here - it would be appreciated if all teams could be represented. The agenda includes a Terry Witchard memorial, and an update on a planning application at the Wellesley Arms.

- This week’s skittling is reserved for the second round of Nomination games, and also the first round of Double Exit games. There are also 24 postponed league games which could potentially be played this week, so if you can fit these in, we’d be grateful.

6 Nov:

- The number of delayed games has been gradually creeping up, and has now passed 21. Please make sure these games have been rescheduled.

- A reminder that a handful of double exit games are to be played in a couple of weeks, along with the next round of the nomination games.

31 Oct:

- The Double Exit First Round fixtures have just been confirmed. There are only five games to be played - details here. The winners from these five games will join the other teams in the competition, so that 16 teams go through to the next round.

- Due to the short notice announcement of these fixtures, Rule 20 (delayed games) is being relaxed. If you can't play in the scheduled week, you can rearrange to play no later than January 27th (as long as you let Colin know).

- For the third week in a row, another 60 has been scored - well done to Anthony Brown of the Wannabees who scored 61 at the Football Club.

23 Oct:

- There are currently 18 missing / late / postponed league results - half of these are from Division 1 alone. The full list of delayed games is here.

- We have another entry into this season’s 60 Club: Well done Paul Gardiner of the Wooden Tops who got 65 at the Three Cups.

- One correction on last week’s online results: In the Knockout Cup, Twelve Bores were competing against Sitters, not the Flying Monks.

17 Oct:

- All second round games of the Knockout competition have now been played. The third round games will be played week commencing January 30, 2017. In the Nomination competition, all first round games have been played - the next round of games will be played week commencing November 14.

- Well done to Richard Harris of the Arrows who scored an impressive 66 last week at the Rose & Crown Lea alley. We have three players who have scored three 50s so far this season already! A full list of players in the 50 Club can be found here.

2 Oct:

- This week is reserved for the Knock-Out competition second round. The next round of Nomination games will take place week commencing November 14th. Double Exit games are scheduled to start November 14th also, but this depends on enough teams being in the competition to warrant holding this round; confirmation will appear here so watch this space.

- Following on from last week’s change of captaincy for Badminton B (Div 1), Mike Bird’s contact details are now online. Please update your booklets.

- Due to holiday commitments, this website will not be updated next week. The website will be brought up to date on October 17th.

25 Spt:

- Note for Division 1 teams: Badminton B is now captained by Mike Bird. Contact details will be added online shortly.

- The Second Round draws for the Knockout and Nomination cups have been made. These should be played in the week commencing 3rd October (Knockout) and 14th November (Nomination). Delayed games from the First Round should be played before this date.

- Despite only being three weeks into the new season, we are already missing 14 results. It is usual to start the season with a higher number of postponements due to holiday season, nevertheless, the League must be notified of the rearranged date within 14 days of the scheduled date, and should be played within two months of the original scheduled date.

18 Spt:

- It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the League Vice-Chairman, and captain of Badminton B, Terry Witchard. Terry passed away on Wednesday evening (14th).

- His family have requested privacy, and have asked league members not to contact them directly. Clearly our thoughts go out to Terry’s friends and family at this difficult time.

11 Spt:

- We have our first 60 score on the board. Well done to Rob Harvey of the Alley Cats who scored 61 last week.

- There were four postponed games last week and one missing result. Just a reminder that postponed league games must be played within two months of the original date. Results for games should be received by the League before 6pm Saturday. If the League isn’t made aware of a postponement, it goes down as a missing result - along with a £3 fine.

- The League’s Secretary / Treasurer, Chris Brace, can now be contacted via

4 Spt:

- This is it… Week 1 of the new League. Good luck everyone!

- The first round Knock-Out games were played last week. Results can be found here. There were four missing results, and one tied game which will need to be replayed (Oddbods and Rattlebone Hawks).

- One correction to last week’s Nomination scores (due to me being in a hurry and trying to spin too many plates) - Allsorts 191 v Wannabees 281.

- Following feedback, League Records have now been added to the site. This lists the highest scores and biggest successes since the league began. I thought I had added this page previously, but apparently not! You can find current Cup Holders (from last season) listed here.

30 Aug:

This week’s games feature First Round Knock-Out games. The first week of league games starts next week.

- There were five missing results from last week’s nomination games. Two others were postponed. These games must be played before the next round of nomination games are due to be played. That is week commencing 14th November.

- The Online Score Submission page is only accepting cup game results currently. The facility to submit league games will be added before next week’s games begin.

22 Aug:

- The season is now underway, and the preliminary games for the Knockout and Nomination cups have been completed. This week’s games feature First Round Nomination games - Knock-Out follows next week.

- A reminder that late scorecards incur a £3 fine. This is triggered if the League does not receive your result by 6pm Saturday. You can submit a result by posting your scorecard, by phoning 01666 824198, by email or by filling in an online form submission. If the League is not notified of a game being postponed, it will assume your result is late.

- Due to my involvement with Treefest at Westonbirt Arboretum over the Bank Holiday, this website will not be updated until Thursday 1st. I look forward to seeing lots of you there! J

08 Aug:

Please check your nomination game fixtures! Due to a very peculiar glitch on the website last week, some of the fixtures shown online were incorrect. This has now been corrected. Apologies for any confusion!

There is a league meeting next Monday (August 15) - it would be appreciated if all teams were represented. Details here.

28 July:

Welcome back! Details of new season will be available in the next week or so.

In the meantime, the preliminary knock-out and nomination cup games are shown to the right. These should be played between August 15th and 19th.

There is a league meeting on the 15th where you can collect your booklets for the coming year.

15 May:

This year’s winners of the Pairs competition are the Oaksey Throwers with Roger Gillespie and Dan Bye scoring 98. Runners-up were Stuart Pell and Ray Sage of Wells Fargo with 95.

In the Individual Cup, Kevin Chivers of the Dipsticks won, with Karen Trinder of Malmesbury Vics finishing in runner-up place.

This week was also the annual sticker-up cup - the winner was Sam Trinder on 43, with Lucy Trinder following on 37. Both stick up at the Football Club. There were only eight entrants for the competition this year.

All results are now in, and all games and cups have been played. Thank you once again for supporting this website over the past nine months, and we’ll be back in August for the 61st season of the Malmesbury & District Skittles League.

09 May:

The Captains Cup has this year been won by Richard Pearce of the Rattlers with an impressive score of 53. Robert Stinchcombe of the Oaksey Throwers came second.

In the Ladies Individual Cup, Maynah Nicholls of the Starlites won; Amanda Ayres of Guys n Dolls was runner-up.

This is the final week of games for this season - Monday night is the Nomination final between Badminton B and Starlites. On Tuesday it’s the Pairs final, Wednesday is the final of the men’s Individual Cup and Thursday night is the Sticker-Up Cup.

At the EAGM meeting held on 3rd May, all 77 re-registered for next season. There was also one request from a new team - the Flying Monks - who will join the teams at Malmesbury Football Club. Next season will have 14 teams in Division 1, 12 teams in Division 6 and 13 teams in all other divisions.

01 May:

Congratulations to the Wannabees for claiming this year’s Knockout Cup trophy - Crown win runners-up. Meanwhile the Malmesbury Vics have won the Double Exit Cup by just one pin against the Matadors.

In the individual competitions, Ann Roberts-Phare is the new holder of the Senior Citizens Cup with Paul Hatherall in runner-up place. Wells Fargo have dominated the Under 21 Cup, with their players Harrie Wilson and Jamie Jobbins winning first and second place respectively.

There is a league meeting on Tuesday of this week. On Wednesday it’s the Individual Cup first round. On Thursday it’s the Captains Cup final, and on Friday it’s the Ladies Cup final.