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Season 2016 - 2017

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This page gives a full list of all league games which have been:

- Postponed

- Where no result has been received

- Where a team is claiming the points for an uncompleted game

- Where a game has been cancelled

POSTPONED: Div 1. 7/2. Badminton B P Rebels at Badminton Club.

POSTPONED: Div 1. 3/3. Crown P Badminton B at Malmesbury Football Club.

NO RESULT: Div 1. 31/3. Rattlebone Hawks L Badminton B at Old Royal Ship.

POSTPONED: Div 2. 28/2. Dragons P Sure Losers at Badminton Club.

POSTPONED: Div 3. 16/2. Minety Moonrakers P Wells Fargo at Minety Playing Fields.

POSTPONED: Div 3. 15/3. Startreks P Outsiders at Malmesbury Football Club.

OVERDUE: Div 4. 12/1. Farmers P Regulars at Badminton Club.

POSTPONED: Div 4. 25/1. Red Bull P B4069ers at Red Bull.

POSTPONED: Div 4. 3/3. B4069ers P Regulars at Volunteer.

POSTPONED: Div 5. 14/2. Vics Rebels P Jokers at Malmesbury Football Club.

Late results due to website fault. Can team captains please notify the League of these results as soon as possible:

To play: Div 1. 17/3. Starlites v Rebels at Star Inn.

To play: Div 1. 17/3. Rattlebone Hawks v Flashers at Old Royal Ship.

To play: Div 2. 16/3. Sure Losers v Muddlers at Three Cups.

To play: Div 2. 16/3. Brussel Sprouts v HFC Dooners at Rose & Crown, Lea.

To play: Div 3. 16/3. Breakaways v Better Half at Red Bull.

To play: Div 6. 14/3. Sitters v Rifle Club at Rose & Crown, Lea.