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Season 2016 - 2017

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2017 Winners: Volunteer - 110
2017 Runners-Up: Startley Wanderers - 95

FIRST ROUND - To be played on Thursday 4th May at 8:30.

There are 55 entries in this year’s Pairs Cup. Only two players can take part per team. The first round games are split across five alleys, and take place at 8.30pm on Thursday 4th May.

Group 1: Wootton Bassett Conservative Club

Rifle Club, Sitters, Castaways, Wellesley Bar Nine, Brassmonkeys, Bargees, Alley Cats, Builders Mates, Oddbods, Wanderers, Avons

Group 2: Star Inn, Hullavington

Starlites, HFC Dooners, Vintners, Startreks, Guys N Dolls, Farmers, Angels, Crown, Jokers, Badminton B, Better Half

Group 3: Three Cups

Wells Fargo, Wooden Tops, Vics Rebels, Rebels, Sure Losers, Arrows, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage Patch, Malmesbury Vics, Matadors, Breakaways

Group 4: Rose & Crown, Malmesbury

Startley Wanderers, Wannabees, Triers, The Rosie, Regulars, Malmadukes, Fruit N Nuts, Dolly Mixtures, Dipsticks, Bowls Club B, Flintstones

Group 5: Red Bull

Volunteer, Yo-Yos, Twelve Bores, Shipwrecks, Rosehips, Red Bull, Rattlers, Oaksey Throwers, Muddlers, Oaksey Nomads, Flashers

Top TWO pairs from each alley qualify for the final, which is taking place at the Volunteer Inn, Great Somerford on Wednesday 10th May at 8.30pm.

Games to be of six legs and players will bowl in order listed. First half of each pair to bowl first with three balls, then second half followed by first half etc until winning pairs are decided. A player arriving late for a game may take part in that game, but will forfeit all throws that he/she was not present to take.