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Season 2016 - 2017

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Here are the latest results and fixtures for the Double Exit Cup competition, 2016-7.  NEW  PLAYED

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FINAL: To be played 27th April 2017

Played: Cabbage Patch (317) v Flashers (346).

SEMI FINALS: To be played 21st April 2017

Played: Cabbage Patch (440) v Dolly Mixtures (346).

Played: Flashers (349) v All Blue (338).

QUARTER FINALS: To be played week commencing 6th March

Played: Dolly Mixtures (338) v Regulars (327).

Played: Flashers (381) v Spare Parts (338).

Played: Vics Rebels (332) v Cabbage Patch (357).

Played: All Blue (323) v Sure Losers (307).

SECOND ROUND GAMES: To be played week commencing 1st February 2017

Played: Vics Rebels (354) v Flintstones (347).

Played: Lazy Dukes (349) v Flashers (391).

Played: The Rosie (325) v Cabbage Patch (367).

Played: Oaksey Nomads (292) v Sure Losers (365).

Played: B4069ers (316) v Regulars (340).

Played: Dolly Mixtures (368) v Ladybirds (333).

Played: All Blue (350) v Wanderers (321).

Played: Rosehips (313) v Spare Parts (336).

FIRST ROUND GAMES: To be played week commencing 14th November 2016

Played: All Blue (358) v Builders Mates (339).

Played: Flying Monks (352) v Sure Losers (378).

Played: Ladybirds (341) v Bargees (310).

Played: Red Bull (328) v Cabbage Patch (358).

Played: Vics Rebels (369) v Vintners (322).