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LEAGUE: WEEK 25 of 26

April 14th:

With just two weeks worth of league games to go, there are two teams still in with a chance of winning the top title - but Dipsticks would need two 10-0 defeats and Rebels would need two 10-0 defeats - any other scenario and the Rebels have won it!

Divisions 2 and 4 are the closest this season, with most teams still in a position to achieve promotion.

The conclusion of the Bottom of the Lot cup is looking much like the chase for the Division 1 Championship - Dambusters are looking set to ‘win’, but if they win 10-0 for their final games, and Bowls Club A fail to score any points, the trophy will go to Bowls Club A.

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League gamesLEAGUE

Full list of league games, results, tables, and calendar dates for the first half of the new season.

We’ll be adding the rest of the games, along with a few other useful features (such as the online score submitter) in the coming weeks.

League gamesCUPS

Details for the preliminary and first round games for the Knockout and Nomination Cups.

This section also includes diary dates for all cup weeks, info on the Double Exit (when available) and last year’s winners.

League gamesNEWS

Updates on alley and team changes, meeting agendas and news stories direct from the League.

Latest news: Skittles Meeting to be held on August 19 at the Red Bull.

League gamesTEAMS

Who’s playing where, on what nights and in which division?

These pages show details for all teams, with links through to the alleys which are used by the league for this season.

League gamesFACEBOOK

For users of Facebook, we have set up a Malmesbury Skittles page so you can keep in touch with other players and captains throughout the League.