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Season 2015 - 2016

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Malmesbury SkittlesThis is the official website of the Malmesbury and District Skittles League, based in North Wiltshire.

23 November:

There are now just four weeks of games left before the Christmas / New Year break. Please remember that all first half games MUST be played before the end of the year. Thank you to those teams who used last week to catch up on outstanding games; we currently have 12 league results missing - this has dropped by half in the past week.

The next league meeting is being held on Monday, December 14th at the Red Bull. Team captains will be receiving a copy of the agenda in the next week.


D1: Badminton B v Flashers

D1: Rattlers v Alley Cats

D1: Wooden Tops v Oaksey Throwers

D1: Dipsticks v Cabbage Patch

D1: Crown v Starlites

D1: Rattlebone Hawks v Matadors

D1: Avons v Rebels

D2: HFC Dooners v Castaways

D2: Wells Fargo v Bowls Club B

D2: Sure Losers v Startley Wanderers

D2: Startreks v Dragons

D2: Oddbods v Vintners

D2: Brussel Sprouts v Twelve Bores

D3: Better Half v Guys N Dolls

D3: Minety Moonrakers v Wannabees

D3: Brassmonkeys v Arrows

D3: Triers v Wellesley bar Nine

D3: All Blue v Muddlers

D3: Bonecrushers v Breakaways

D4: Red Bull v Builders Mates

D4: Drifters v Vics Rebels

D4: Angels v Diamonds

D4: Clodhoppers v Rookies

D4: Farmers v Regulars

D4: Malmesbury Vics v Somerford Show

D5: Broad Beans v Rock Bottom

D5: Shipwrecks v Malmadukes

D5: Flintstones v Dolly Mixtures

D5: The Rosie v Somerford Shower

D5: Sitters v Spare Parts

D5: Virgin Soldiers v B4069ers

D6: Allsorts v Wanderers

D6: Rifle Club v Bargees

D6: Jokers v Oaksey Nomads

D6: Yo-Yos v Fruit N Nuts

D6: Bowls Club A v Ladybirds

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